The Holding Space
I invite you to a regular held space each week where you can bring yourself as you are, wherever you are at, with whatever you are feeling and are faced with in your life at this present time.

I offer a commitment on my part to listen to and explore with you the issues you wish to work with. My approach is focused on being present with what is figural for you right now. Our collaboration is a co-creation and I seek to work with compassion and respect in an inclusive and non-discriminatory way. I welcome the opportunity to work with people from a wide range of economic and cultural backgrounds, gender and sexual diversity.

What happens when we first meet?
In our first session we will typically explore what has brought you to seek counselling and what you are looking to achieve. You may want help with feelings of anxiety, stress or panic, bereavement, depression, a personal crisis, abuse or conflict, or it might be less clear what the difficulty is, such as feeling stuck, out of control, unable to make decisions or cope with life changes. You can ask any questions you have as you decide if counselling is what you require at this moment and if I am the right counsellor for you.

What are my fees?
I specifically choose to offer affordable fees to enable the possibility of working with a wide variety of clients and to facilitate working together on a long term basis.

My rates are:

Outdoors, in a variety of parks, woodlands and other open spaces in London:
£60 for an hour long session

Online, via Skype, GoogleMeet or Zoom:

£60 for an hour long session.

Indoors, at Borough House, London, SE1 1LL:
£70 for a 50 minute session

A Mindful Dying Experience, in person or online:
£60 for an hour long session.

Supervision for qualified therapists and counselling trainees, outdoors and online:
£60 for an hour long session, £80 for a 90 minute session

Long Term/Short Term
I offer both long term and short term counselling. You may wish to explore specific issues or to deepen your connection with who you are and discover more about why you do the things you do and your innate potential for change, growth and creativity.

Counselling sessions are confidential with the exception of matters concerning safety and professional requirements and I would discuss these with you. I receive on-going supervision, which is standard practice for all counsellors and psychotherapists, in which I discuss my work whilst not divulging identity. Any information such as your personal details will be stored securely
in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the GDPR legislation. With regard to outdoor walking therapy sessions, we will need to agree how to deal with occasionally encountering other people when we are outdoors.